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Saturday 18 Feb 2017

  • 11
  • 13
  • 21
  • 37
  • 49
  • 59
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UK Lottery Results, Winning Numbers and Awarded Prizes
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National Lottery Results from 27 Mar 2013

Check the National Lotto results from ! You can watch the live National Lotto results draw hosted by Chris Evans every Saturday night at 19:30 UK Time on BBC One. If you can't catch the live draw or for the Wednesday night results which are not televised, you can check here for all of the official winning National Lottery numbers.

Prize Level Winning Tickets Prize Awarded
Tier 1 (Match 6) 2 x 640,775,00 GBP
Tier 2 (Match 5 plus Bonus Ball) 3 x 49,290,00 GBP
Tier 3 (Match 5) 12 x 1,090,00 GBP
Tier 4 (Match 4) 339 x 49,00 GBP
Tier 5 (Match 3) 16,471 x 10,00 GBP

When you play the National Lottery online all of the results will be emailed to you whether or not you manage to win a prize. As well, your winnings will be paid directly into your online account so you do not need to worry about claiming your winning ticket within 180 days as you do when you purchase a ticket from the store.

Collecting your National Lottery prize money:

If you buy your National Lottery ticket offline there are several ways to collect your winnings, depending on how much prize money you have won:

Share the National Lottery and play as part of a Lotto syndicate

Watching the National Lotto with friends, colleagues and family is a Saturday night tradition for many people across the country. If you want to get more out of playing the National Lotto then why not try forming a lottery syndicate? Whether you play with family, colleagues from work, team mates from your sports team, classmates or any other group of friends - playing in a syndicate greatly improves your chance of winning a prize. In fact many of the biggest winners of the National Lottery jackpot go to players who have formed a syndicates.

While you may not want to create a formal syndicate with family members you should always draw up a simple agreement detailing how any prize money is shared if you are playing with work colleagues for example. A lottery syndicate agreement is a simple legal agreement which will mean if you do win the jackpot there are no disputes about who gets what. Checking your National Lotto winning numbers in the company of friends and loved ones is a great way to increase your chances of having a winning ticket as well as the fun and excitement of watching the live draw!

National Lottery Results from past draws