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Saturday 18 Feb 2017

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UK National Lottery Statistics and Strategies

Many lottery players look at past results and number statistics searching for patterns which will help them to predict future draws.

On this page you can see all of the National Lottery stats which may help you determine which numbers have come up in the past and are likely to be drawn in the future.

Hot and Cold Number Strategies

Two of the most commonly used strategies by National Lottery players is picking based on hot and cold numbers. Hot number theory states that numbers which have been picked frequently in recent months will continue until they "cool down". Cold number theory is used in many different forms of gambling, in particular roulette, and states that certain numbers are "due" if they have not been drawn in some time. There is no mathematical basis to either of these theories but nonetheless many players swear by them.

The High Numbers tactic

The High Numbers tactic is based on real statistics. It is very straight forward: by picking numbers over 31 you will maximise your prize money if you win. The theory is simple - many people pick lucky numbers based on important dates so by choosing numbers only over 31 your chances of sharing prize money is significantly reduced and since all numbers have an equal chance of being drawn your odds are exactly the same as any other number combination.

Here are the most frequently and least frequently drawn National Lottery numbers to the present date:

Frequency Numbers

1(245) 2(260) 3(262) 4(262) 5(258) 6(263) 7(262)
8(257) 9(279) 10(276) 11(286) 12(267) 13(230) 14(266)
15(250) 16(238) 17(273) 18(269) 19(266) 20(230) 21(243)
22(264) 23(296) 24(271) 25(283) 26(258) 27(280) 28(269)
29(268) 30(287) 31(285) 32(260) 33(286) 34(266) 35(280)

Most Common Numbers

40298 times 23296 times 38292 times 30287 times 44286 times